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Finally, someone used one or more images from Reusable Art to create new artwork and posted it on the Internet!

I noticed in my site logs a site that I had never heard before was sending me some traffic. I thought I would find a single artist’s blog or website and instead found an intriguing community of fashionistas, designers, collage and mixed media artists.

The site is called Polyvore.

Polyvore has combined the best parts of social networking, design and shopping and packaged them all into a creative website unlike any I’ve seen before. The premise behind the site is members assemble pictures found on the Internet into creative collages or sets. Each set displays the list of images used with links to the original locations of each of the images.

I suspect the original premise was to create an outlet for those who think they can make fashion spreads equal to the folks at Cosmo and Elle and provide links back to the stores, designers and manufacturers of each item. Sort of a stylized Christmas wish list as it were.

What the site has evolved into is a fun place for collage artists to join the fashionistas and create art from beautiful clothing, accessories and footwear and combine them with other drawings and illustrations they find on the web.

Members can create what appears to be challenges to incorporate a particular image into one of these sets. That’s where Reusable Art comes in.

vintage public domain vignette imageTwo months ago, one of the members issued a challenges around one of the vintage images found in the Borders & Vignettes area of Reusable Art called The Mustached Vignette. The original, full-sized image can be viewed and downloaded from The Mustached Vignette.

To view the great sets created by six members of Polyvore, please visit the vintage vignette challenge on Polyvore to see what they have created. If nothing else, it’s fun to hunt for the image in each of the collages.

So, if you like being creative with images or love fashion, Polyvore is certainly worth a visit. If you are looking for great vintage images like the border featuring our mustachioed friend, please visit Reusable Art.

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