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Rabbits, Swans & Peacocks

So far this year, there’s been 53 new images added to Reusable Art.

Since I’m starting this blog a little late in the year, (yes, I know it’s already March) I thought I would use this post to get caught up on reporting the new categories and other happenings on the site.

For now, there’s only three images there, but the Rabbit Images category has three beautiful full-color images in it. This one is my favorite. (Click on the image to visit Reusable Art and download the original image.)
vintage drawing of rabbits

Under the Bird Images category are sections dedicated to Swans and peacocks.

Among the swan images is this lovely colored drawing. The swan illustration was included in a children’s book entitled Stories of Whitminster which was published in 1873 by William P. Nimmo of Edinburgh.

Sadly, no artist was given credit for this lovely picture of a pair of white swans floating on a lily pond.

This peacock drawing by Dugald Stewart Walker has to be one of my favorite vintage images on Reusable Art. It was published in the book entitled The Boy Who Knew What the Birds Said in 1918.

You can download the full-sized version of this vintage peacock drawing here – peacock drawing.

I love the art deco sort of feel that much of Walker’s work has and this peacock drawing looks great as it is now or could be easily colorized to create your own unique piece of artwork.

Be sure to check out these and all the other great public domain animal and bird images on Reusable Art.

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