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Botanical Prints by Ehret Week

Ehret-portraitThis week has been a lot of fun for me. In adding the new “This Day in Art History” feature to the homepage of Art Filled Days, I have been learning about an amazing array of artists and trivia from the world of art. This week’s birthdays has introduced me to perhaps one of the most important artists most of us have never heard of.

You may have heard of Carl Linnaeus; he was the fellow who created the classification system for all of the earth’s flora and fauna. He gave each plant and animal a scientific name based on his classification system, the names that had been already given to them and their physical attributes. He lived in the 18th century which was perhaps one of the most exciting times in history to be a scientist. Advances in ship construction made inter-continental travel slightly more accessible and those with the financial wherewithal and an adventurous spirit were visiting places not seen before by outsiders. Those intrepid souls would catalog, describe and illustrate their finds.

lilies-ehret,georgGeorg Dionysius Ehret began his working career as a gardener at his father’s side. They tended the gardens of some of the very same people that Ehret would later work with as an illustrator. His natural abilities and some formal training, along with perhaps being in the right place at the right time, led to him becoming the preeminent botanical artist of his time and perhaps the most important botanical artist in history. And, yet, until this week I had not heard of him and perhaps until reading this post many of my readers haven’t either.

I’m so excited to have found his beautiful illustrations and will be sharing new botanical prints by Ehret all week. It always amazes me when books that were printed over 250 years ago have been well-preserved and the libraries and collectors who own them are sharing them with the world. In turn, I have added a number of Ehret’s beautiful pictures to Reusable Art this week. From January 24th until his birthday on the 30th, there will be at least one new botanical print for you to enjoy.

Do check back each day to see what’s new for that day. They’re all beautiful and they are all worthy of being incorporated into a new project or used simply as an art print to be hung on your wall.


You’ll find botanical prints by Ehret like these colorful orange lilies in the Special Image Category – Georg Dionysius Ehret.


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