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Cat & Mouse

For this edition of Picture of the Week, I thought I would offer something a little different…three cat and mouse drawings, two of which I’m only sharing here on Art Filled Days.

All three drawings date back to at least 1891. Yet, they could have just as easily been drawn yesterday for the charming and fun story they tell is timeless. We have the perfect hunter and her prey on full display. Just when our feline friend thinks she has the upper paw, we find out that it is she who is in for the surprise.

First we have kitty closing in for the kill.

cat and mouse drawing 1

If that was the only drawing included in this children’s magazine, we would be left wondering if the cat was able to snag its prey or if the little mousie got away. But, for you see, there is much more to this charming little story.

For the next drawing we see changes everything and reveals a secret…a spring.

cat and mouse drawing 2

A springing cat finds that this was no ordinary rat. Surprised was the cat as she leaps in the air, for it was she who suffered the greatest scare.

But, our little tale has one more part you see. No winner at all one sprung as another flees.

cat and mouse drawing 3

My little ditty is done. It leaves one dead mouse and poor kitty on the run.

You can use this trio of drawings however you wish as they are in the public domain forever documenting kitty’s miss. They are signed S.F.A. but are not credited so they are safe to use in the USA. Everywhere else too they are free except for the words, they’re copyrighted by me.

Be sure to check out the rest of our public domain black and white cat illustrations on Reusable Art.

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