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Children’s Author and Illustrator Week Celebrated on!

Children’s Author and Illustrator Week is an annual event observed during the first week in February of each year.

This year, is joining in the fun by sharing with you 7 of our favorite children’s book and natural history illustrators from the Golden Age of Illustration. During the week-long event, we’ll be showcasing the work of one of the featured illustrators and adding a few new examples of their work.

The line-up of featured illustrators will be. . .  Harrison WeirIda WaughOliver HerfordJessie Wilcox SmithWalter CraneKate Greenaway and Louis Agassiz Fuertes.

To wet your appetite and kick off this week’s festivities, here’s an example of each artist’s work that I consider among my favorites.

Day 1


The art of Harrison Weir. He was a cat and bird fancier and wrote finely illustrated books on each.

Day 2


The art of Ida Waugh. Waugh illustrated many children’s books but I think it’s the facial expressions and charms of her babies that really make her one of my favorites.

Day 3


The art of Oliver Herford. Herford contributed to a number of magazines but it his drawings of cats and kittens that have given him a special place on Reusable Art.

Day 4


The art of Jessie Wilcox Smith. Smith was an American illustrator. Her work graced hundreds of magazine covers as well as numerous children’s books.

Day 5


The art of Walter Crane. Crane was one of those artists where it would be easier to list what art forms he didn’t do well than list all of the many pieces he has left behind for us to enjoy.

Day 6


The art of Kate Greenaway. Greenaway was one of England’s most influential and most-loved children’s book illustrators.

Day 7

fuertes-robinThe art of Louis Agassiz Fuertes. His art was for the birds but oh how lovely those birds were. And, February 7th is his birthday!

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