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Creating a Collage Heading with Vintage Images

Whether you design website headings and website banners or need to fill a scrapbook page, it’s often the use of a collage of different images that makes the greatest impact. From time to time I will find a collage heading in vintage books when searching for images to add to Reusable Art. I generally break them down into their individual elements to make the image files a bit smaller and to make it easier to find the different images within the category structure.

This collage heading image came from a huge, 600+ page book from Thomas E. Hill. Hill’s Album of Biography and Art: containing Portraits and Pen Sketches of Many Persons contained a number of collage headings. I thought I would share a few of them with you and give you links to find some of the components that I posted to Reusable Art.

college banner example

Please forgive my bit of quick editing to add a personal statement. Granted, it is not colorized to match the original banner but it makes the point that many of these vintage page headings could easily be edited to include your own text.

Moving along from left to right…we have

Butterfly & Flowers Drawing
Small Butterfly
Repeating Flower Pattern
Bird Border with Snails
Hanging Fern Image

Now, I admit that this post does take a bit of advantage in linkage but by including the list of separate images, I hope to show the premise behind this post – combining a bunch of smaller images can take several simple images and turn them into a bold and dramatic collage heading.

I don’t talk about it much on Art Filled Days but I also own a site called Crafty Tips. One of the talented paper crafters who is participating on the site made the wonderful collage heading that now adorns each and every page.

Emily shares vintage images on her wonderful blog Sweetly Scrapped Art. Emily does things a bit differently than I do. While I enjoy the hunt of finding great images to share with everyone, Emily likes working with the images she finds. A post on Emily’s site generally contains several variations of a picture where she has already done the image editing for you. For example, one of her recent posts included 6 jewelry images. She shared the original image plus a number of variations seen below.

jewelry images from
These images can be seen full-sized at Free Printable Tiffany Images.

sweetly scrapped art tagsShe also sells cute tags and things in her Etsy shop like these cute little duckies.

OK, I admit it, I am such a fan of Emily’s work. And I can’t thank her enough for the banner she created for my site. I think her work perfectly illustrates the point I am making here and I was in no way compensated for including her and sharing her work with you.

Getting back to the point of this post, you can see in the banner that Emily made for my site that there are a number of vintage images, patterns and backgrounds all blended together. The images came from a number of vintage image sites and sources and did not all originally match in size. She cleverly took a custom font, modern clip art and vintage finds and made a wonderful collage that shows a sampling of the wonderful things we talk about on Crafty Tips.

crafty tips banner

Want a few more examples of a collage heading with vintage images? I have no doubt you do if you’re still with me this long. Here’s another chapter heading from Hill’s book, with a bit of a topic change.

collage heading 2

Some, but not all of the smaller images from this collage heading are also available on Reusable Art.

Even using two frames can create a visually appealing image for a website heading as seen with the example below.

collage heading 3

You will find a slightly larger version of this heading on Reusable Art, filed under Double Frame Border.

Give it a try. We may not all be able to create website headings, page banners or scrapbook vignettes with vintage images as well as Emily does, but hopefully you’ll be able to create your own variations that you can be proud of.

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