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Elves and The List

Every now and again when I’m adding vintage images to Reusable Art, I encounter a vintage drawing that just doesn’t fit within any of the existing categories. Generally, I make a note of it and save it for when I discover a few more similar images. This week, I came across one that doesn’t really fit as it was designed but I think it has the makings of a great Christmas image.

This drawing was originally used to accompany a story about three historical figures in the world of printing. I’m not really sure why the illustrator made someone like John Gutenberg look like a little elf but who am I to complain – we got this charming illustration out of their efforts.

Doesn’t this drawing remind you of Santa Claus, elves and the list of naughty and nice children? The elves are a bit on the ugly side but I think with the larger version of the scroll and the elves, this would make a great vintage Christmas image that you could easily personalize.

I hope someone out there finds it useful whether they use it as a Christmas image or as it was originally intended.

Please let me know if you have any other great ideas on how to use this vintage drawing of printing elves so that I may share your ideas with others.

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