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Kangaroos, Lizards, Pigs & Snakes

This past month has brought the arrival of a virtual herd of new animal categories on Reusable Art. For the most part, these new animal images are from the talented artist Dugald Stewart Walker.

Walker lived from 1883 to 1937 which puts his life’s work into the public domain which is good news for anyone who loves his work. That means his wonderful drawings of animals can be freely used in your own projects.

In a series of stories about animals seeking out the Wishing Fairy that were published in 1921, we watch as a variety of animals are granted many of the attributes that make them unique. Unlike most fairy-tale type books, this one contained a huge variety of animals images. Just the new categories alone, kangaroos, lizards, pigs and snakes should tell you that this charming set of children’s stories covered animals from around the world.


The new Kangaroos Images category currently has only 4 public domain drawings and they are all by Walker.

Three are line drawings like the one shown here about 1/3 of its original size and the fourth is a charming silhouette drawing of two kangaroos facing each other.

Of the four, this one is my favorite.


Lizard drawings have also crawled their way onto Reusable Art.

This lizard image is my favorite from the group of four line drawings all done by Walker.

One of the lizard drawings included their dewlap, the flesh under their necks that some lizards can display as a warning to predators or to attract a mate. Two of them show the lizards with flowers and the fourth shows a lizard on a rooftop.


The pig drawings that have so far been added to the Animal Images section of Reusable Art come from a variety of sources.

One is a line drawing from Walker but my favorite pigs in barnyard drawing comes from one of the many wonderful children’s books from the publisher George Routledge and Sons and includes work by the lithographers Kronheim & Co. The book is The Child’s Picture Book of Wild and Domestic Animals which was published around 1872.

Even though this category is supposed to be all about pigs, the chicken and rooster in the foreground almost overshadow the trio of pigs in this full-color drawing.


Snakes also went to visit the Wishing Fairy and Walker gave us four wonderful snake drawings in the book. They are all black and white line drawings on beige backgrounds.

The cool snake drawing here is one that I’ve simply converted to the negative.

I think the original line drawing is quite well done. But, I wanted to show you how simply using the negative of one of these animal images can be far more cool and dramatic.

Animal Images

There are hundreds of public domain animal images on Reusable Art that are fully downloadable and ready to be added to your creative projects. Perhaps one of the new kangaroo, lizard, pig or snake drawings will be just what you need to turn your latest project from ho-hum to fabulous.

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