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Nativity Paintings

Christmas is sneaking up on me oh so fast this year. So many things to do, so much not getting done. One thing that I have gotten somewhat finished is really updating a few of the Christmas Images on Reusable Art and adding a really special one to The Famous Artists.

bernardo daddi nativityThe first Nativity painting I posted was actually on The Famous Artists with Nativity by Bernardo Daddi. This Italian Nativity painting from the Renaissance appears to be quite popular as people have been visiting The Famous Artists specifically looking for this painting.

Visit The Famous Artists to download the full-sized version of this beautiful Italian Nativity Painting.

That got me to thinking that over on Reusable Art, the Christmas Nativity category was pretty thin. Not any more! There’s now 17 (and counting) wonderful Nativity paintings just waiting to be used in your Christmas projects!

Update Christmas 2012…There are now several more Christmas paintings that can be enjoyed on The Famous Artists. You can see them in the Nativity category.

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3 Responses to "Nativity Paintings"

  1. Nory says:

    I love your website thanks for sharing all the beautiful vintage images. I am very excited to incorporate them in my new creation of jewelry.

    1. Michele says:

      You are most welcome Nory. I’m so glad that these beautiful paintings will find new life in your jewelry.

      1. Nory says:

        Michelle, thanks for your reply.
        Is there any way I can share my creation on your website?

        Just wondering.


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