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New Front Page Feature for Art Filled Days

After a bit of trial and error and a lot, make that huge, amount of research, I’m really excited about a new front page feature for Art Filled Days.

I’ve always been fascinated by history and those “This Day in History” sorts of articles.

After a little digging, I found very little this day in history lists dedicated to the visual arts. There were some dedicated to all things art which included painters,  cartoonists, sculptors, writers and musicians. But, there wasn’t one that focussed solely on the visual arts.

It’s still a bit of a work in progress to find something at least somewhat related to the visual arts for every day of the year. And, I’m still working on turning the little bits and pieces of trivia I’m finding into more detailed articles.

But, I do invite you to visit frequently. You just might learn something new.

For instance, did you know that The Feast of St. Nicholas, the famous painting by Jan Steen was almost destroyed by fire in 1864. You would if you had visited Art Filled Days on February 16. Or, did you know that John James Audubon played the flute and violin, was an accomplished equestrian, fencer and dancer too. You would know that too if you visited on April 26.

As you can see, lots of great stuff in the works. Please check back often.

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