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New Vintage Art Site

It’s been online for several months but this past week, a new vintage art site was officially launched. It is being run by the same folks who own Reusable Art – that would be me.

As much as I love Reusable Art, the way things are set up, I found myself unable to share many wonderful pieces with everyone because of copyright issues. The United States has some unique copyright rules that have placed many vintage images in the public domain. Since those rules don’t apply around the world, I’ve been collecting those images and toying with the idea of creating what amounted to a “copyright free in the United States only” sort of site.

Free Vintage Art is a new vintage art site dedicated to sharing the finest public domain images that are identified as being in the public domain according to US law. In general, that means the images were published before 1923. That aspect of US copyright law does not require researching the artist as thoroughly. Sadly, many of these wonderful images, even those that are clearly signed, are not much more than orphan works as so little is known about the artists.

A very generous vintage print collector has been sharing scans of her collection with me so that I can in turn share them with the world. It’s been a hectic and busy few days as I’m still trying to get the site fully functional and keep up with the cascading waterfall of some of the most beautiful vintage prints I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Thank you kind lady for choosing me to be host to your collection.

The plan is to include many of the illustrations I’ve filed away to wait for enough years to elapse before I could use them, my small collection of images and the pieces being shared with me on the site. For the most part, I’ll do only minimal cleaning on the images, leaving them in their natural state. When my limited image editing skills permit, I will try to isolate some of the images and/or offer color variations for everyone’s use.

Among my favorites, so far, are:

Repaired while you Wait is a charming vintage postcard from 1906. Can’t you just see the aggravated Mom of an over-active boy putting her child over her knee to fix his freshly ripped britches?
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow is one of a series of three vintage postcards that have been posted. They are by the artist Archie Gunn (1863-1930). There’s also a pair Gunn’s illustrations from a vintage book on the site too.
Vintage Shoe Image – a vintage advertisement provided this great pair of 1920s era shoes. With more than a little effort, my photo editing skills are quite rudimentary at this point, I’ve isolated the shoes for you. You’ll find the original advertisement and several basic color variations of the shoes.

Dazzle Art Ships – this set of vintage images comes with a bit of a history lesson. Did you know that zentangle style paint-schemes were once added to merchant ships during war time? Check out this post to find a photograph of one of the ships, several of the patterns along with a ship outline to add your own design to.
Prize Label Images – one vintage book plate of a prize label, cleaned up, and offered several color variations. We know it was from the 1800s because the image originally contained the date the book was awarded to a star student.

There’s also a growing number of Valentine’s Day Postcards , Printable Tags & Labels and a quickly growing collection of Vintage Fashion Images.

At the moment, I have a big stash of great vintage art in my work pile. So, at least for the near future, there will be several new vintage images posted every day. Do check the site out and let me know what you think.

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