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Nicolas Froment Biography Posted

Today I posted a new artist biography on The Famous Artists of the French painter Nicolas Froment.

Froment lived during the 15th Century and sadly it’s presumed most of his work has been lost. Several of his works remain because they were protected in museums and abbeys almost since the days when the paint was still drying.

Ironically, one of his most famous works, The Matheron Diptych, shown – is named for the recipient of the piece who originated the stylized royal image of a jewelry crown over a spray of lilies which appears on the front and back covers. The small portraits are of King Remy of France and his wife. A larger version of the diptych can be viewed on The Famous Artists at Matheron Diptych.

Not much is known about the artist or his life, but I was able to find some information which has been included in the Nicolas Froment biography.

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