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Paul Cezanne Biography

Did you know that Paul Cezanne might have been a poet? or that when he told his father that he wanted to be a painter his father told him, “One dies with genius, but one eats with money.”? We have his mother to thank for convincing the elder Cezanne that their son was not destined to follow his father into the banking industry.

But for fate, the world might not have the paintings of Paul Cezanne to enjoy. Cezanne lived from 1839 to 1906, he was something of a perfectionist and found it difficult to interact with others, preferring the natural landscapes and other objects he depicted in his paintings. He was the epitome of the temperamental artist and even went so far as to mutilate and destroy his own work when it didn’t meet his exacting standards.

Early in his career, it was his thick application of paint which sold his works rather than the quality of his painting. As an artist of the new school of impressionism, he faced great criticism and difficulties. Ironically, some believe he also helped to migrate the painting world towards a style that is now referred to as post-impressionist.

A more detailed Paul Cezanne Biography and examples of some of his famous paintings like L’Estaque with Red Roofs and Apples and Oranges Still Life which many in the art world consider one of his finest still life paintings can be found on The Famous Artists.

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