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The Art of Ida Waugh

It has been quite a while since I have posted a biography of a famous artist. This one has been posted on Reusable Art under one of the new special image categories. With the switch in software, I can now add more sections and areas to the site as well as use tags. In this case, I’ve created a tag for all of the illustrations on Reusable Art by Ida Waugh.

Ida Waugh was an American illustrator, who is perhaps most well-loved for her charming illustrations of children, infants and their mothers. While my collection includes animals, birds and flowers too; there are far more Ida Waugh works with children in them.

I have found two new books that Waugh illustrated for Amy Ella Blanchard that would make a great addition to the many vintage book illustrations by Waugh already on Reusable Art. Unfortunately, I have a small dilemma with one of them. The illustrations are charming but there appear to be only two places online that have scanned the book pages and are sharing them publicly. On one, the images are a bit grainy and faded. On the other, the images are smoother but are clearly over-processed and even perhaps altered. Here’s an example:

I suspect some of the difference is probably from the fact that the books scanned were different editions. Perhaps there was a cheaper, mass-produced sort of version; and a more expensive, better-quality printed version. I’m not really a fan of either group of illustrations though it does seem a shame not to use them.

I have done a minor bit of editing on the grainy image to make it a bit cleaner. The second image is pretty much as I found it other than a bit of resizing to fit the page here. I can edit it some but the over-exposed look of the yellow is hard to tone down without diminishing the other colors as well. (I’m a dabbler at best when it comes to image processing.)

So, I’m hoping there’s a few of you out there who might share you point of view on which image you feel you could work with better. I could include both but that’s not really the way Reusable Art was designed to share images. But, then again, these are so very different that I might need to rethink that.

What say you?

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  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Michele, think this is a great idea, depending on my project i now have a choice of which background I would prefer. The picture of the little girl is very cute, like having options as to how to use your Reusalbe Art pictures.

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