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What should we do about art stolen during WWII?

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I’ve always pretty much thought that every effort should be made to return art stolen from Jews and citizens of countries invaded during World War II. The Nazi art theft is perhaps one of the biggest unresolved issues from that war. There’s a certain irony to the whole thing when you think about it. Many […]

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British Art Invasion

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The mysterious UK artist known as Banksy is spending a month in New York. An impromptu sale of his works made headlines around the world. We’ll tell you why.

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New Vintage Art Site

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Announcing the launch of a new vintage art site offering free, downloadable graphic materials that are in the public domain under American copyright law.

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Apostle Breaks Record

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A 700 year-old sketch by Raphael and entitled Head of an Apostle yielded the most ever paid at auction for a work on paper. The sketch is a working drawing for Transfiguration – a piece many consider to be the best work of the Italian Renaissance painter.

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