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Artist Biographies

The Artist Biographies section of Art Filled Days is where I post both complete biographies for artists appearing on Reusable Art and announcements of biographies added to The Famous Artists.

Primarily, I only deal in artists who worked before 1940 – their work is in the public domain and mostly freely available for everyone to enjoy. The wide range of art that has been produced makes working on these sites a fascinating exploration of world history while learning about the people behind the art and the often turbulent times they lived in.

I am glad that I never took art appreciation or studied art in school. Without putting so much focus on technique, painting style or form, I can simply enjoy the artist and their works. If you are looking for artist biographies that explore the more academic side of art, then you are probably not going to enjoy my articles. If, on the other hand, you with to learn more about the person holding the brush and admire their works for their aesthetic value, you’ve come to the right place.

The Art of Ida Waugh

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The art of Ida Waugh is something I so enjoy sharing with everyone on my site But, sometimes found resources may not be the best choice.

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The Art of Queen Victoria

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A recent attic find has introduced many of us to the wonderfully, intimate and charming sketches of Queen Victoria and her family. The sketches also had a role to play in case law regarding high-profile individuals relying on the court system to protect their privacy.

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Nicolas Froment Biography Posted

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Today I posted a new artist biography on The Famous Artists of the French painter Nicolas Froment. Froment lived during the 15th Century and sadly it’s presumed most of his work has been lost. Several of his works remain because they were protected in museums and abbeys almost since the days when the paint was […]

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Paul Cezanne Biography

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Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne might have been a banker had his mother not convinced his father to allow Paul to pursue his passion. Little did she know that over 100 years after his death, the world would continue to treasure his paintings.

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Russian Painters – Abram Efimovich Arkhipov

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The Russian painter Abram Efimovich Arkipov (1862-1930) is most well known for his paintings of realistic and harsh scenes of women hard at work. He is now one of the featured artists on The Famous Artists.

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