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Artist Biographies

The Artist Biographies section of Art Filled Days is where I post both complete biographies for artists appearing on Reusable Art and announcements of biographies added to The Famous Artists.

Primarily, I only deal in artists who worked before 1940 – their work is in the public domain and mostly freely available for everyone to enjoy. The wide range of art that has been produced makes working on these sites a fascinating exploration of world history while learning about the people behind the art and the often turbulent times they lived in.

I am glad that I never took art appreciation or studied art in school. Without putting so much focus on technique, painting style or form, I can simply enjoy the artist and their works. If you are looking for artist biographies that explore the more academic side of art, then you are probably not going to enjoy my articles. If, on the other hand, you with to learn more about the person holding the brush and admire their works for their aesthetic value, you’ve come to the right place.

Walter Crane

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Rather than the typical biography that focuses on the artist’s professional life, I was lucky enough to find Walter Crane’s autobiography. The focus is on his early life and how he became the wonderful children’s illustrator that children around the world continue to enjoy almost 100 years after his death.

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