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New Categories

New categories on Reusable Art mean that I’ve uncovered some great new vintage images and/or I’ve re-categorized some to make them easier to find. Either way, a new category announcement means that you can be among the first to visit the image category and download one or more of the public domain images.

I’ll include smaller versions of some of my favorite images from each of the categories and will provide links to the larger sizes of those vintage images as well to the category itself.

Foxes & Lions

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Two new animal categories have been added to Reusable Art – Foxes and Lions. Learn more about the two categories and see my favorite vintage images from both collections.

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Camels, Deer, Goats & Sheep Come to Reusable Art

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There’s been a virtual barn-yard full of animal pictures added to Reusable Art in the last few months and a number of new sub-categories as well. Public Domain Animal Images has always been one of the larger and popular categories on Reusable Art and with these new additions, I hope those of you needing vintage […]

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Umbrella Girl Story

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This collection of pictures tells its own story. The story of a naughty little girl who wanted to go outside in the rain in order to play with an umbrella. Through a series of charming black and white drawings we watch as the little girl and her little dolly go on an adventure that leads […]

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Fall Bird Migration – Birds of Prey, Hummingbirds, Birds Nests and Doves & Pigeons

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July’s announcement of five great new categories of bird images is now joined by a number of new categories added during August and September. Birds of Prey Images was a new category created to separate the hawks, buzzards, vultures and kites from the eagle drawings. As of this writing most of the images in the […]

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Arts & Crafts Category

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It seems way overdue for a site like Reusable Art which shares vintage, public domain images for crafters and artisans that there should be an Arts & Crafts category which showcases illustrations of people drawing, painting, sewing and doing a whole host of creative activities. While there are only five images currently in the Arts […]

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