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Picture of the Week

This is where I get to pick out my favorite public domain images from Reusable Art and share them with you. They generally come from the most recent images I’ve added to the site, so checking out my Picture of the Week posts will also give you quick access to some of the best images I’ve added to the site.

You never know what you might find here. One week it might be a beautiful bird painting by Louis Agassiz Fuertes and another week it might be a line drawing of a train.

My hope is that by sharing some of the best pictures of the week that I’ve posted that you will learn more about the wonderful vintage art that can be found on Reusable Art and be inspired to use it to create your own artistic wonders.

220 Year Old Block Prints

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It’s been a while since I’ve written about a “picture of the week”. I’ve been working on so many things lately that I wonder how my head hasn’t simply exploded yet. This morning, I’ve been working on adding some great new block print images to Reusable Art. If I have the right artist, the John […]

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New Fashion Images

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A collection of 5 beautiful Civil War era fashion plates from the lady’s magazine Godey’s Lady’s Book which was published from 1830 to 1898.

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Cat & Mouse

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Three cat and mouse drawings. Does the mouse get free? Or send the cat up a tree? You’ll only know for sure, if you visit my site for a visual delight.

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Truffle Dog

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This picture of the week introduced me to a new dog species – the Truffle Dog. Here’s what little I could find out about the breed and some drawings of this charming dog which appears to sadly be no longer with us.

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Elves and The List

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Every now and again when I’m adding vintage images to Reusable Art, I encounter a vintage drawing that just doesn’t fit within any of the existing categories. Generally, I make a note of it and save it for when I discover a few more similar images. This week, I came across one that doesn’t really […]

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