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Then & Now

This is one of my favorite sections of Art Filled Days. It just seems in man’s nature to capture images of the world around us. Artists have been drawing, painting and photographing their world since the days we all still lived in caves. Well, OK, maybe we haven’t been taking photos that long but you get the picture.

Part of what makes this concept of preserving what our world looked like while we were in it so interesting is seeing how it has changed since. Then & Now is where I compare vintage images from Reusable Art and famous paintings from The Famous Artists with how those same locations look today.

Together we can explore how places may have changed through the years or may have remained much the same as they were. From historical buildings to harbors, cities and other structures we can see how time has changed them, how man has re-purposed them or how they have grown far beyond what the original artist could have ever imagined.

Imperial Palace Theatre

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Dramatic architecture seems somehow uniquely European. There are just some buildings that have a look that says old world elegance. The Imperial Palace Theater is one of those European buildings that has such a stately grandeur that seems timeless in its appeal.

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The Brooklyn Bridge

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Modern images of this century-old bridge may be striking like the one I found on Wikipedia but the true beauty of the bridge is the old-world craftsmanship. The Brooklyn Bridge was dedicated on a beautiful day in May of 1883 and the picture below is one artist’s depiction of the bridge as it appeared on […]

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